Birding @ Valley School – Bangalore….

Friday fever was on; the next day was “Makara Sankranthi” though we can’t set off from Bangalore. We planned an early morning bird watching outskirts of Bangalore.

 Santosh suggested for “Huli Mangala” trail, but I had valley school in my mind. After discussion we finally planned for valley school.
Valley School is around 30-40 Acres of land, it is a residential school which has facilities for students to stay and learn. Most of the land is left as it is and not being constructed it looks like a scrub jungle, and you can say it is a home to many species of birds and rarely few mammals like Leopards, Elephants etc.,
Both of us gathered near valley school at 6.30Am. There is no entry into the campus unless you have prior permission, but you can walk outside the school and then take an unofficial entry into the valley school.
While walking around the campus, we spotted a common buzzard sitting on a perch of a tree, it was far to capture and could only click a record shot of it. Further trail we spotted a Kingfisher on a trunk of a tree.
We now entered inside the campus and followed the trail, and were fortunate to spot “Copper smith Barbet” on a tree. It was busy in search of berries on the tree. The trail forked and we took the other part of the track and then realized we were lost and it took 1 hour to catch the exact trail.
In this lost track we were fortunate to spot “Veriditer Flycatcher”, “Fan Tailed Flycatcher” and “Sun Birds”.
Finally crouching and crawling thorny bushes we reached the correct track. We proceeded on the trail and got opportunity to capture “Oriental White Eyes”, “White cheeked barbet” and “Eurasian Golden Oriel”.
It was time to wrap up the birding activity, while we walked down to the parking lot we found “Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher” on the tree trunk, we reached the car parking the final treat was “Common Iora” which took place on the perch of the tree and “Wire Tailed Swallow” on the wire just outside the campus.
 Birds spotted @ Valley School
  1. Common Myna
  2. Red Whiskered Bulbul
  3. White throated KF
  4. Common Buzzard
  5. Oriental White Eye
  6. White Cheeked Barbet
  7. Copper Smith Barbet
  8.  Fan Tailed Flycatcher
  9. Veriditer Flycatcher
  10.  Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher
  11. Euresian Golden Oriel
  12. Common Iora
  13. Wire tailed swallow
  14. Purple Sunbird
  15. Tailor Bird
  16. Great Tit