Muthodi – Tranquility in nature…

The treat was pending from my better-half; as an alternative for a dinner we planned an outing which should be truly contented. Muthodi was finalized after debating on places.

My friend who is working as a forest guard informed me about the climate and accommodation details. Accordingly I booked the tent accommodation at muthodi nature camp.

About Muthodi:

Muthodi is serene, picturesque and beautiful moist deciduous forest patch with lush green vegetation of Bamboo and tree species all round the year and it is situated in the valley of Jagara.

We took BangaloreàTumkuràArasikereàKaduràChikkamagaluràMuthodi route it is approximately 270Km one way journey. Road is good until kadur; the worst road starts when we take a deviation to chikkamagalur an horrible road of 45km is what we drove in our wagon-R which was transformed from 2×2 to 4×4, luckily my car dint break down.

Reached Chikkamagalur DFO office to collect the accommodation letter at 9.30Am, few minutes later we were on muthodi road. Muthodi is around 30km from chikkamagalur and enclosed with nature’s green carpet of Western Ghats.

It was around 11.30Am when we finally parked our car at muthodi nature camp. Walked towards the office and submitted the receipt for accommodation. I was curious to see how the tent accommodation would be. Believe it or not it is in such a place one will love to be there for years…

To portray the ambience, in front of the tent the “Somavahini” river runs in peace, dense canopy will not let you see the sun rays falling on ground, no electricity; this is the true feel of being in the jungle, what else do you need??
We had 2 full days in our pocket to explore muthodi, after having simple vegetarian lunch cooked and served by forest personnel; we went for a stroll around the nature camp for birding activity. Surprisingly not many birds could be spotted may be the season we had been was not favorable for wildlife sightings…
We were happy in sighting drongos, Malabar giant squirrels, flame-back wood pecker and few more. Returned to camp and settled down with hot cup of coffee in the balcony and enjoying the nature.
Called for the day after dinner.

On 24th the plan was fixed to visit these places and route we took is:

SittallayanagiriàMullayanagirià DattaPeetaàGaliKereàKemmangundiàChikkamagalur.
The day turned out to be sunny on 24th, we started at 8.00Am from muthodi to visit the beauty of Western Ghats. The route we took from Muthodi to reach Mullayangiri was around 50km and the roads are horrible because of monsoon. Whole stretch till we reach base of mullayanagiri was terrible. I should adore my Wagon-R which took us all the way to the peak without any difficulty.
Luck favored us, on the main road few km’s from nature camp we sighted 6 wild dogs patrolling its way. It was not camera friendly and deviated from the road into bushes. I could mange a record shot of the wild dog. We were indeed very happy to sight one of the predators of muthodi in dense jungle.
Time ticked 11.00Am when we reached mullayanagiri, though the roads are horrible drive from muthodi to mullayanagiri is marvelous, nature treat visualizing the Western Ghats in monsoon. It is god’s creation a green carpet all around the way. No words to narrate its beauty one should see it.
After spending some time at mullayanagiri we started to dattapeeta which is around 20km from mullayanagiri. Due to some controversial issues between government and religious communities they have closed dattapeeta. From dattapeeta we headed to galikere another picturesque place.
Pit-stop at hotel soundarya for lunch, a decent hotel in its standard had sumptuous lunch and started back to muthodi by 4.00Pm. It was 5.30Pm in the evening when we finally parked our car at muthodi nature camp.
The body & soul was contented to see such beautiful and peaceful place around muthodi and also wild dog sightings was a cream to us.

Next day we had to start back to Bangalore, and a drive of 5hours journey was imminent. So went for the bed at early hours after having light snacks.

 Check-out muthodi at 8.00Am and started to Bangalore, this time we took hasan route to reach Bangalore. I say national highway is excellent and you will never feel tiredness though you have driven for 5 long hours.
Muthodi–>Chikkamagalur–>Belur–>Hallebidu–>Hasan–>Bellur cross–>Kunigal–>Magadi–>Bangalore.
Reached home @ 2pm and thanked my wife for a wonderful treat!! J recollecting the memories just relaxed …