Kumara Parvatha aka KP – A Summit

It was in our wish list to trek “Kumara Parvatha” aka KP which is said the toughest trek among all trekking in Karnataka. KP is located in Subramanya of Sullia taluk, Karnataka.
KP belongs to Western Ghats which is about 1712 meters and is 13km trekking from Subramanya village.
KP can be trekked by two routes
1) From Kukke Subramanya temple and
2) From Somwarpet town which is in kodagu dist.
We planned to trek on 23rd Jan 2009 and choose to trek from Somwarpet.
Our bus was scheduled to departure at 10.00 Pm from Bangalore City Bus stand; it was decided to assemble at 9.15Pm to the bus platform.
Most of them who have trekked KP say it’s hardest! I think the meaning of “hard” started realizing the moment we started our journey. It took more than an hour or so to reach kunigal cross with the slow moving traffic. And we had no clew that our bus had a mechanical problem with clutch until driver accelerates the bus.
The bus was occupied with 3 teams approximately 20-25 trekkers including us. Bus is moving in a speed of 40km per hour every one got irritated, frustrated and started screaming to the driver and conductor. Poor chaps what could they do? If it is a mechanical problem, unfortunately they had no mobile phone to call the nearest next depot to change the bus. The co-passenger helped the conductor by calling the manager of Bangalore bus depot and reported the problem we are facing. The next depot was a kunigal depot and we all decided to stop the bus at kunigal depot and change the bus. So finally with great difficulty and frustration on bus/govt/manager/driver/conductor we reached the depot by 12.30Pm. The new bus was given to us after waiting an hour or so.
Finally all were happy and ascended the new bus praying to god, we could reach Somwarpet without any further difficulties. Joyfully we all got settled and started our journey.
I think the prayers to god dint reach..! it was 2.30AM when suddenly the windshield shattered into pieces because of air crack… I don’t know whether the driver was unfortunate or he was unlucky that day.. Imagine without windshield driving at a speed of 80km in the night.. It was horrifying chilled breeze haunted us without sleep. But this time none of us screamed on driver or conductor as we could understand the situation.
Again we had to stop at hollenarasipura Cross and waited for more than an hour to get a new bus from the nearest bus depot. Finally with all these menace we reached Somwarpet town at 8.30AM. Normally bus reaches Somwarpet town at 4.30Am and we were behind 4 hours.
Quickly we refreshed ourselves at the restrooms at bus stand, meanwhile Karthik and Basavaraj went to get the breakfast packed to have it on the journey. Me, Govardhan and Pavan went to enquire the bus or transport facility to reach pushpagiri cross, where the trek to KP starts.

Wasting time in waiting for the next bus at 11.30Am was not a good idea; we managed to hire a jeep to drop us at pushpagiri cross.

Our team was filled with energy and enthuses to trek the KP. There is forest department located at 1 km from pushpagiri temple. Forest department officials check the luggage to ensure we don’t carry any liquor, petrol, kerosene or these kinds of substances which are harmful to the environment.

After paying the entry fees which is a nominal amount of Rs 115/- per head, joyful trek begun at 11.00Am.

We were 11th troop entering the forest from Somwarpet. The trek started with full of greenery and thick vegetation around us it was 8km trek to reach KP peak. So we decided to trek asap without wasting much time in resting. We backed 3 teams which were ahead of 1 hour and that reminded us we are on our toe and also felt happy about our fitness.
The route deviates after 3 hours towards “Girigaddhe” and “Pushpagiri” one has to choose pushpagiri to reach KP peak.
 The terrain is very steep and shuffled the baggage among ourselves so that it will not be burden on individual, we halted at few places and had snacks and energy drinks to keep up the race.
At 4.00Pm we reached the peak and got disappointed to see hundreds of trekkers.. it was fully crowded, I think we were on the wrong day.
Swiftly we choose a good place to camp. The work was broken down and shared among the members, wherein me, Karthik and Hemanth decided to setup the tent and Govardhan, Basavaraj will collect the firewood for campfire at night. And Pavan honestly slept…
It was time to witness the sunset, hence the whole crowd assembled near the sunset point it was a mesmerizing sight. The sunset at Western Ghats hmmmmm…
 After the sunset the next thing we did was to have a cup of coffee, it was my wish to have coffee at the peak for this reason we carried a small stove, good life milk, sugar, Nescafe.. We first setup the campfire and prepared the coffee, after a coffee the cooking started we had carried ready made foods, noodles, bread butter jam. Few things will not shade out from the memory…
It was decided to wake up early morning to catch the sunrise, so we slept by 12.30pm after a long casual chat. Early in the morning we again assembled in the view point.
Henceforth we decided to pack up the things and start to downhill. The clock ticked 8.00Am when we started from KP.
The downhill to “Kukke Subramanya Temple” was 13km trek, so we prepared energy drinks and started descending KP, on the way down you can see “Mari Gundi” a monolithic rock.
After taking few amazing landscape photos of nature, we continued the trek. It was 1.30Pm when we reached “Bhattara Mane” it was crowded like a forum mall. And we decided not to have lunch only we will rest for sometime and continue.
 From Bhattara mane the Kukke town was 6 km downhill, it was a sunny day and energy level was coming down. The only energy supplier for us was fresh water and chewing gums to keep on move. On the way down we met a group of people who were trekking from Kukke Subramanya and in that group a person was aged 70 years. This made us really happy and it was time to give round of applause to the person, energy level raised high after seeing aged person trekking the KP.

It was 5.30 Pm when we saw the road, the legs were not listening to mind and we were drained completely. The only way to relax was to dip in the water and we decided to go directly to “Kumaradhara” river which is in the town of Kukke Subramanya.

Henceforth after relaxing about 1 hour or so, we visited “Kukke Subramanya Swamy” temple we sat at one place viewing the holy rituals going on. Our bus to Bangalore was scheduled at 10.40 Pm. It was time to have prasada which means anna dhana, we had dinner at the temple and started toward bus stand.

Amazing trek the memories last long…