Wandering souls @ Kodachadri

Conquering kodachadri was due in our list, but I don’t know why it was all the time deferred…..

The time was set to triumph over kodachadri, It was decided to leave Bangalore on Dec 17th night. The new entries were added in the odyssey. It was Karthik’s better-half “Veena” and his friend “Kishore” who accompanied the journey.
It was decided to assemble at KSRTC bus station on Dec 17th at 7.30Pm; the bus scheduled departure was at 8.00Pm. Hmmmmmm 4 of us [Amit,Karthik,Veena,Kishore] were very enthralled in trekking kodachadri, boarded the bus and sat in our designated seat numbers…. Now gossips began for some time and all went for a good sleep..
Dec 18th by 8.00 am we reached Nittor, I had coordinated with my friend Lokesh who stays at Nittor and arranges accommodation and trekking. Lokesh was waiting for us at Nittor bus stand and welcomed wholeheartedly. We planned to stay at Nisargadham at Nittor, in few minutes we were dropped to Nisargadham for refreshing ourselves from tiring journey… Everything was set and all of us were in full enthuse to trek kodachadri. Lokesh dropped us at foothills of kodachadri and told us he will be waiting for us in the evening to pick us up.
I had previously trekked from Hidlumane falls as this route is very tedious for girls, this time we planned to trek on the jeep track.
Kodachadri is a mountain with dense forests in the Western Ghats. One can find kodachadri behind famous Mookambika temple in kollur. It is home to several endemic and endangered species of flora and fauna.
In full josh we started to trek, the trek length was 8km to peak including sarvagna peeta on the top of the hill. Mr. Ganesh was sent with us by lokesh as a guide. It was very new experience to veena and kishore as it was their first trek and they found some difficulty in making the way.
VB bakery Congress bun and plump cake stopped us after an hour or so. The reluctant body and soul has to keep up and push for another 3 hours. The beauty of Western Ghats dint make us exhausted, instead it was stirring us in moving further on.
Kodachadri is a home for many endangered species including flora and fauna, apart from this it also has rich manganese ore. Slowly political eyes are on it and one day we will lose all those in coming decades.
It was 1.30Pm when we reached half the way, kishore and veena where slightly exhausted but also tried to thrust themselves ahead. The lunch was arranged at Battara mane at the top so we dint carry any meals for our journey. The jeeps also reach the hill top usually charge 800 rupees for a group of 6-7 people and the drivers are very sloppy and drive very rashly.
We witnessed 2 Green Viper snakes which jeep dart them to death. Our guide narrated many incidents of similar kind. They are least bothered about protecting wildlife and conserving it. In future generation we might lose many things for the cost of carelessness and being not aware of wildlife conservation and its importance.
The time ticked 3.00pm when we finally reached kodachadri hill top. We could easily make out the joy and happiness on our faces in conquering the kodachadri. It is an awesome scenic trek one should not miss.
The lunch was ready by the time we reached Battara mane, plantain leaf was readily put on the table and mouth watering dishes were ready for serving. Had heavy lunch and relaxed for sometime say for ½ an hour or so. Then we headed towards “Sarvagna Peeta” which is around 1km from the peak.
The history says that “ShankaraCharya” did meditation at this place and called as “Sarvgna Peeta”.
Our guide hurried us in getting to sunset view point, and we descended the peak and headed towards the view point. It is a delightful experience to watch the sunset from kodachadri peak and if one is lucky and clouds show mercy on you, we can see the sun sinking down in the Arabian Sea.
The sunrise is also very enjoyable this can be viewed from “Venkatarayana Durga” another hillock behind TB. As we had no other way to stay to witness sunrise, with heavy hearts after capturing compelling sunset beauty at kodachadri we started descending.
It was 8.30 Pm when we reached the foothill; the torches shed the light on the ground and made our way easy. Though it was pitch dark the experience was awesome and memorable.
Lokesh was waiting our way at foothill where he dropped us in the morning, the body and mind wanted some long rest after a tiresome trek.
Kodachadri rocks!!
How to get there:
Distance from Bangalore: ~400Km – 8 hours
By Car: Bangalore->Shimoga->Sagara->Hosanagara->Nitoor->Kodachadri
By Bus: Bangalore -> Nitoor [RajaHamsa, SuvarnaSarige]