Kabbinakad – Unwind yourself in the serene lap of nature…

A humpy bumpy road, park your 2×2 vehicle and load all your backpack into 4×4 jeep… once the jeep starts it is a rollercoaster, lush green around you sometimes drizzle sometimes downpour….bird chirping a musical feast to ears….
Give a break to your chaotic lifestyle and start your WildlifeOdyssey to Kabbinakad –
Honey valley resort. The Honey Valley Estate is situated in the Western Ghats in the heart of Madikere about 250 kilometers from Bangalore.
Foursome me, sindhu and karthik, veena planned a stay at honey valley resort on 11th June 2011. We started our journey on 10th June 2011 at 11.00PM from jayanagar. It was already drizzling what a way to start… drove 7 long hours and reached Kabbinakad in the early morning by 7.30AM. Monsoon had made its way to Western Ghats, whole madikeri was wet and fog all over the town.

I called up Suresh proprietor of the honey valley to enquire how to reach the cottage. He informed us to park the vehicle near BSNL tower and wait for few minutes so that we will be escorted.

The drive from base to home stay took 20 mins a remarkable journey totally different experience sitting in a 4×4 vehicle, a warm welcome by property owner Mr.Suresh and family gave us feeling of being at home though we were out of the home.
The rain had given a break, mist was wrapping slowly had nice break fast and had few minutes of casual chat with Suresh. It is documented that until 1994, the estate was the largest producer of honey in India (approximately 6.5 tonnes per year), but disappearance of the native bees stopped production. And also one should know it is the first home stay concept started in Coorg district.
The tallest peak Tadiandamol is nearby and we decided to trek, it was raining continuously we had expected the monsoon and were prepared for the trek. We approached a narrow path which will take us to Tadiandamol base.
Full of leeches, blood suckers were waiting for an opportunity to suck where ever you stop and relax for few minutes it would have made an attack and silently started sucking the blood. We had carried perfume, lime, tobacco to get rid of leeches.
 We could not trek further as it was raining cats & dogs covered with fog, in span of one hour dark clouds engulfed the mountains. There was zero visibility to trek further.
Decided to trek back to home stay with great difficulty … managing leech byte… crossing streams….reached the home stay by 4.00Pm. The whole exploration was just awesome…
Totally drenched in the rain, changed the clothes hot coffee was waiting for us in the kitchen. Already few other families had arrived to home stay every one were sipping the coffee and busy chatting among themselves.
 Called our day with traditional supper in chilled and drizzling weather…
The previous day exhaustion made us wake up at 8.00AM in the morning took bath and finished our break fast. After settling the bills jeep dropped us back to the BSNL tower where our car was parked by 9.30AM.
We started to Nalaknad palace which is 4km from Kabbinakad. Palace is neatly maintained though no body was there to explain about the history of the palace we walked around the palace for some time and started to bagamandala and talakauvery.
Talakauvery is an origination point of Cauvery river a sacred place which not missed when ever we visit madikeri. The fog covered entire temple which made us experience the serenity and divine feeling.
Made our way back to Bangalore reached respective residence in the evening by 7.00PM, the journey was tiresome took some rest…. Mind was still at Kabbinakad body was on bed with soothing quilt on it.
Follow me to reach Kabbinakad – Honey Valley home stay.
1. Travel to Srirangapatna
2. Take a right turn near srirangapatna and keep going. This will join the Mysore-Hunsur road.
3. Travel till Hunsur which is about 46 kms from Mysore
4. About 5 kms after Hunsur, you will reach a spot where the road forks into two.
5. Take the road that goes to the left. This is the road that takes you to Virajpet, which is about 58kms from this spot
6. Once you reach Virajpet, take the road that goes to Madikeri. Travel for about 4kms till you see an old bridge.
7. Immediately after the bridge, you will find a road going to the left. which takes you to “Kabbinakad Junction”.
8. You reach Honey Valley Estate..