Visit to BlackBuck Reserve – Maidenahalli

The plan to visit Maidenahalli – BlackBuck[Antilope cervicapra] Reserve was striking my mind from few days, though every weekend i was busy in visiting few lakes in and around bangaore in capturing birds the time was not yet set.

Friday, me, karthik and pavan finally planned to visit maidenahalli on saturday, it was decided to go in my car and planned to leave bangalore early morning by 4.30 AM. It was 3.50 AM when karthik called me and said “maga its raining here i am leaving in 10mins will be there at your place with pavan by 4.45 AM”.
I peeped out of my window ,hmmmmmmm it was superb climate chilled breeze, drizlling……. 🙂 describing the climate in such situation has no meaning unless u experience it….
It was 5:00 AM when kathik and pavan reached my place. Finally our wildlife odyssey to maidenahalli started. We were nearer to tumkur, pavan reminded us about the “Kyatasandra Thaatte Idli” cool climate, raining, what else… we should obey what pavan says and honestly parked the car near “thatte idli” hotel, “kyatasandra” is famous for “thatte idli’s” had heavy breakfast and started towards madhugiri town.
About Jayamangali – Maidenahalli Reserve
Jayamangali Blackbuck reserve is at Maidenahalli, a small village in Madhugiri Taluk of Tumkur district Karnataka. This area is a part of Deccan plateau and is a border to Anantpur District of Andhra Pradesh. It is 798 acre of grassland. The largest population of Blackbuck in Karnataka, apart from Ranibennur sanctuary, is found at Jayamangali Blackbuck reserve.
It was 8.45 AM when we enetered maidenahalli grasslands our eyes spotted a herd of blackbuck grazzing, the animal in nature is very shy and it doesnt let you close. We managed to get few photographs.
Few minutes of pose the herd disappeared into bushes, it is so camouflaged and hard to spot!! we slowly moved ahead in anticipation and suddenly a male blackbuck came out of a bush.Not even a second i started clicking… it ran away finally could capture a decent photograph.
We parked our vehicle at forest department and thought of seeking a guide to accompany us, unfortunately not even a single forest department personnel were present. Ourselves managed to go arround forest department and found a watch tower which is decently maintained to sit and observe wildlife.
After an hour or so with great difficulty we managed to see a few more blackbucks which were grazing.
The avian life is incredible at the grassland. we sigthed Indian Bushlark, Collared Doves, flocks of Grey Francolins, owl, king fisher, parakeets and many more.
The climate drastically changed and started raining havily, and it was time to run for a shelter and finally managed to get inside the car. We decided to leave maidenahalli and started towards bangalore and finally another male blackbuck gave us a pose for capture its beauty, though it was far from us and from my lens 😦 i managed capturing its photo.
Bangalore -> Nelamangala -> Tumkur -> Koratagere -> Madhugiri -> Puravara village -> Maidenahalli reserve
Approximately 130km.
Though you have private buses to reach puruvara village, it is adviced to go in our own vehicle.
Best time to visit:
Try being at the place early in the morning or late in the evening. The weather is pleasant any time of the day during winters and monsoons.