Birding @ Bannerghatta forest trail…

I was completely coupled with work schedule; it was more than a month where I had been out for birding. I and santosh planned for it on Saturday and the place we decided was Bannerghatta forest trail.
Early morning I hit the road at 5.00AM, and santosh cruised on his new Thunder Bird and we assembled near Bannerghatta road junction. Had a cup of tea and were back on the journey.
About Bannerghatta National Park: Courtesy Wikipedia
Bannerghatta National Park is situated 22 km south of Bangalore. The journey to the park takes nearly one and a half hours from Bangalore. This hilly place is the home for one of the richest natural, zoological reserves. The 25,000 acre (104.27 km²) zoological park makes this a major tourist attraction of Bangalore.

Travel information

Visiting hours: 9AM to 5PM
Holiday: Closed on Tuesday

Bannerghatta has got a complete new look after renovation. People are excited to visit the park; we parked our vehicle and moved on observing the early morning bird activities. The roar of lion and lioness were trembling, the trail was filled with bird chirps all around.
  Santosh insisted to visit the banyan tree first which is home for many birds our purpose was to have a glimpse of Jungle owlet which is very small in its creature. Slowly we approached the tree and started scanning each and every branch of the tree carefully. After searching for more than ½ an hour we were lucky in spotting one.

We moved further in the trail observing the bird’s activity near by nursery, jungle babblers were in plenty and sun birds were around flying from tree to tree.
 Tickle’s blue fly catcher drew our attention near by tree and I could manage the record shot of it. The trail lead us to a pond and we heard a pied king fisher call near by, it perched on a small trunk of a tree. It was too far to capture the photo. We walked alongside of the pond observing for water birds if any.

 The Indian Pond Heron was busy in catching its meal and small blue KF was repeatedly visiting a dead tree and Egret was stalking its prey….. We were lucky to observe the morning activities of these water birds.
It was time to wrap up the birding, when we were on path towards our parking lot we found Asian Paradise Fly catcher juvenile and oriental white eye.
A small birding like this will energize to keep on moving for next hectic week…
Birds spotted at Bannerghatta
1. Lapwing
2. Oriental Honey Buzzard
3. Indian Robin
4. Oriental Magpie Robin
5. Jardon’s bush lark
6. Jungle Owlet
7. Common King Fisher
8. Pied King Fisher
9. Jungle Babler
10. Long tailed shrike
11. Common Hawk Cuckoo
12. Greenish Warbler
13. Barn Swallow
14. Red whiskered bulbul
15. Red vented bul bul
16.Blue faced malkoha
17. Blue beard bee eater
18. Common Myna
19. Jungle Myna
20. Tickel’s blue fly catcher
21. Asian paradise fly catcher
22. Brahminy Myna
23. Eurasian golden oriel
24. Black headed cuckoo shrike