Tadoba – An enticing jungle

We were informed about the Sambar kill near the Telia waterhole, previous evening, my guess was right, most of the jeeps moved in the same direction as we did. Jeeps ahead of us were parked in the most favorable places enabling to photograph the right moment. Even before we reached the spot, there were around 25 jeeps lined up in the front and there was silence all over. All of us were eagerly  waiting for some action to start and kept a close watch on the sambar kill. With great difficulty we managed to see sambar half eaten. I could recollect a narration by Kenneth Anderson on how a Tiger devours its kill.

After an hour of wait the silence was broken by jeeps accelerating and moving out of the place, Did they see the tiger?? How many cubs?? Is it a male Tiger ?? the answer was…None. They moved towards Pandarpuni waterhole as Maya and her cubs was already in the water and having a good time. Our fellow group also took the decision to follow the crowd.

Our guide wanted to know if we should do the same? Should we follow them? my answer was no, we decided to wait for some more time, being the only jeep in the vicinity we got a right place to park and sat silently. Waiting for the the Tigers..

Finally, the heart beat thumped, I felt a sudden adrenaline rush and I am sure my heart skipped a few beats, there came a Tiger with 3 cubs!!!! what a way to thank our patience.

The next hour spent with this family was priceless….As it started enjoying the meal we sat their holding our breath, the tiger lifted it’s head and growled. I must say it was a life time experience seeing the Tiger with blood stains all over its mouth……

It’s not over yet,

Be with me and read this space ….



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