New members into wildlife odyssey

Everyone will have a wishlist in their life, some will be fulfilled and some dont. I am happy and grateful for what I have got in my life.

There are 2 new additions into wildlife odyssey..

The name Bullet by itself is very manly and it had been my dream to own one. If riding a bullet feels awesome then owning one makes you proud.

We have named him T U S K Y (Wandering Lonely Tusker) Tusker means: A bull elephant with large tusks. I have great respect to this animal and can sit hours together and observe its activities.

I feel my bullet represents a wild lonely tusker like above…. 😉
As i have mentioned in few of my other blogs, apart from being a nature observer i am also interested in wildlife photography. To enhance my post processing skills I was in need of a good desktop and the best i could put my hands on was an iMac.  Hope my images will look better with this new addition to wildlife odyssey.



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